From Minneapolis to Melbourne

Life has felt pretty charmed these days. Just a few months ago I was traveling through Israel with my mom and my husband, Will. After swimming in the Jordan River, Will had a phone interview for a job in Australia. At that time it seemed like a really cool idea, but far from reality. A month and a half later, while we were visiting family in Canada on the 4th of July, Will received a job offer. Now here I sit, in Melbourne, Australia, reflecting on what a crazy, awesome journey this has been. Although the move happened rather quickly, this is an experience we had been longing for. When Will and I made the decision not to purchase and run my family business, the primary reason was that we wanted long term, international experiences. It took four years from the time we made that business decision to getting here, and it was worth the wait.

To want an experience is one thing, the preparation and fare wells are another. The home we shared in Minneapolis was only 800 square feet. I didn’t think there would be that much to pack up, sell, or get rid of. It was more of a process than I had expected. As I’d look at some of our possessions I’d realize the emotional attachments I had associated with them, and I had to let that go. A few cherished items were shipped or are stored with family & friends, but the majority of items were sold. Throughout the process I tried to remind myself that joy is not in things, it is in us.

Missing the people we said fare well to is a difficult part of this transition. We are missing the births of babies, kids growing up, friends enduring cancer treatments, and sharing life in general with those we love. We care deeply for those close to us, but we have chosen this path. Although my heart yearns for those I love, I still know that being here was the right decision.

So as I reflect on the past few months, I feel grateful for life, experiences and adventures. I am excited for the future. I’ll close with a modified quote from a card Will gave me several years ago, “This is our world. Shape it or someone else will.”

Some photos from the last weeks in Minneapolis and first days in Melbourne.

Graffiti alley in downtown Melbourne
Spotted this peacock messing with a horse on my run this morning
I was relaxed on my morning trail run until I saw this sign. Snakes!
Yarra River running trail
Sign spotted right before the river trails
View of the CBD (downtown)
Melbourne at dusk
View of downtown Minneapolis from the south side of Lake Harriet
Home…heading back from a morning run my last day at this special place
Early morning run from my mom’s house to the field road
Last jog along the Mississippi river trails and new fall blooms to view
Last bike ride into Mendota
View of downtown Mpls from Nicollet Island

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