“If she hadn’t started running with a traveling man…”

If she hadn’t started running with a traveling man, then she never would have slept in a tent like this…2016-03-26 22.43.05

..but with a good partner, everything is an adventure.

The Oak Ridge Boys were playing a show at Grand Casino Mille Lacs on  Saturday March 26th, 2016, and Mille Lacs Kathio State Park was less than five miles away. Was it fate? Was it meant to be?

Despite a little snow in the forecast, and the fact that Minnesota State Park camp sites don’t open until April, we headed north out of Minneapolis. The friendly people at the ranger station gave us free range to the camp sites. No water, no problem! We picked the best spot (they were all available), put up our tent, headed out for an 8 mile hike, returned and made our transformation into jeans and cowboy boots, heated up some food on our camp stove, had a drink, and were ready to roll.

The Oak Ridge Boys have been serenading country music loving folk for decades. I was a little worried they’d be so old that I wouldn’t recognize them or the music (e.g. Bob Dylan, Midway Stadium, 2013). Fortunately they rocked it, and left me with lovely, lasting memories. They played for less than two hours, and the lyrics came out a wee bit slower than on the records my dad used to play for us. As I clapped, hooted and hollered for every classic they sang, my Canadian husband smiled and slapped his knee right next to me. My baby may not be American Made, but he’s one hell of a keeper. I’m glad I asked that man to ma-ma-ma-marry me (Closing Song: Bobbie Sue)!

It was another memorable evening in this wonderful life. “It’s just an ordinary story about the way things go, round and a round nobody knows, but that old highway rolls on forever…(The Oak Ridge Boys, Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight”)

PS: If you are unfamiliar with the band recently inducted into the Country Music Hall of fame, The Oak Ridge Boys, you’re a little lost right now. Click the underlined hyperlinks to fill your life and ears with the joy of their music.

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