Back in the saddle

After a fractured radius pulled me away from the bike trails for a few months, it’s great to be back in the saddle and back on the trails. I missed three months of sweet biking, so Will and I decided to get fat tire bikes to bike through the winter.

It’s our first go at winter biking. The unusually mild MN temperatures have made it easy for us to get out the door and on the trails. We’ve biked the trails by Minnehaha Falls, toured around Minnehaha Creek, Lake Nokomis and the Longfellow neighborhood. Last weekend we explored the Fort Snelling area, and Afton State Park. While I know I need to work to get back into shape, it didn’t make it any better that I was locked in my big chain ring trying to power up hills at Afton. My bike mechanic / husband got the bike squared away, but two hours pedalling up and down hills in slushy snow made me ready for a glass of wine.

The bikes we purchased are Norco Bigfoot 6.3. They are an entry level fat bike, and on the heavy side at 30-35 pounds each, but a great pick for our first winter biking adventures.

And the perfect place to stop for a bite and beverage after a grueling bike workout is Lolo in Stillwater. We arrived just in time for Social Hour!

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