It begins…

Where does adventure start? Does it begin on a trip far away, or is it part of who you are? Does it happen to you, or do you create it? And what is the appeal of adventure? To Terrance Wilby & Beth Collins McComb, all of life is an adventure if you choose to make it that way. And the only way to live life and love life is to choose adventure. You don’t need to travel the world to find adventure, it’s all around you. It’s hiking at night through your neighborhood to see things in a different light. It’s driving an hour away from home to explore a park you’ve never been to. Of course, adventure lies in leaving your home and traveling far away. Making that happen as much as possible is our number one goal in life.

One way to get the most out of life it to look upon it as an adventure.         

                                                       William Feather


So my fellow adventurers, get outside and go for a walk. Find the beauty around you, even in the dead of winter. And keep creating your own adventures. We hope you’ll follow us, WilbyCollins, along on the adventures to come!



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